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Cuda front and top load parts washers

Automatic Parts Washers for quick cleaning

Automatic parts washers are ideal for any industry that needs to clean parts or components. Ideal for auto or truck repair shops, airline maintenance, hydraulics and manufacturing because of the time savings they offer. Parts washers are aqueous based, industrial-sized cabinet washers that use powerful spray jets of pressurized hot water and biodegradable detergents to clean parts automatically.

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There are several sizes available with varying turntable diameters and working heights. Our automatic parts washers are available in multiple electrical configurations and are ETL certified to UL-73 standards for safety. Cuda parts washers use no chemical solvents, so employers do not have to worry about health hazards and the long-term affects on their staff.

Automatic parts washers provide a big return on investment!
Our parts washers are a labor savings alternative to solvent tanks and hand scrubbing. A parts washer will pay for itself several times over in the course of a year. Staff members simply load parts, turn on the wash cycle and walk away to perform other repairs, allowing them to accomplish more profitable work.

Cuda parts washers are available in two styles. We invite you to visit the Cuda corporate site to learn more about the specifications of each style:

Contact us to learn more about our selection of automatic part washers. We would be happy to prepare a quote – call today and start cleaning your parts more efficiently! Reach us in at (888) 252-8433 to get started.