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Detergents for Pressure Washers and Parts Washers

It’s a simple fact that detergents speed cleaning when used with a pressure washer. So, where do you go to find the right detergent for what you’re cleaning? American Water Works has the best selection of pressure washer soap in southern California! We know the choices can be overwhelming; that’s why our cleaning professionals will work with you to recommend a detergent based on what you’re cleaning.

Many of our pressure washer detergents are specialized for different applications. Whether you’re cleaning vehicles, removing graffiti, or need an aluminum brightener or a degreaser, we have a chemical to meet the challenge. American Water Works is an authorized dealer for Hotsy, Alkota and All American pressure washers, so we have a wide selection of detergents that are formulated especially for use with a power washer.

Detergents Protect Equipment
Hotsy detergents are biodegradable, making them safe for the environment. Hotsy detergents contain HCC (Hotsy Continuous Clean) additives to fight corrosion in your equipment. Plus, they help prevent rust on the equipment you are cleaning. Hotsy detergents also help prevent scale build-up in your pressure washer.

Detergent Sizes
American Water Works provides detergents in a number of package sizes, from 5-gallon buckets to large 256-gallon bulk packs. Based on consumption rates, we will work with you to provide the best detergent program to meet your needs. We offer a convenient delivery program so you’ll never be caught without enough pressure washer soap for the job!

Parts Washer Detergents
We also offer parts washer detergents used exclusively for use in automatic parts washers. These low-foaming, non-caustic detergents are concentrated so a little goes a long way in cleaning – and protection of the parts you are cleaning. From all-purpose to specialty varieties, you’ll find a parts washer detergent suited for your needs.

We encourage you to take the Detergent Challenge – we suspect many professionals use too much detergent or don’t use the right detergent product for their water type. Contact the team at American Water Works and let us show you how using the proper detergent can actually save you time and money!